AryCare Patient Lift and Patient Transfer Systems offer patient mobility Solutions for the 21st Century:
The AryCare patented patient lift system is the solution for day-to-day mobility issues of a disabled patient or loved one.  Every task from showering and changing linens to bathing and bed to wheelchair patient transfer can now be accomplished easily, without physical strain all by a single caregiver while offering the ultimate comfort to your patient. Our electrically powered AryCare Patient Lift and Support System gently raises and lowers a patient with the simple touch of a button.  To see the AryCare Patient Lifts system in action please view our informational and instruction Video Tour.

AryCare Patient Lifts are Superbly Engineered & Fully Portable:
The patented AryLift patient lift system is designed to offer the highest attainable level of comfort, safety, confidence & stability of both the patient and the caregiver.  Our Versatile patient lifts are rated to lift up to 1000* pounds with the C100 lift, the AryLift, AryCare system eliminates the need for other patient handling and patient lift systems and allows for easy room to room or floor to floor mobility with a single piece of equipment.  "AryCare Is The Solution"... We said it first, but hearing it over and over again from our customers is our true reward.  For more information visit our FAQ's page for frequently asked questions.
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AryCare Single Caregiver Patient Lift and Patient Transfer Lift System
AryLift, Inc. 146 Wall St. Shallotte, NC 28470 Manufacturer of Electric Patient Lifts, Patient Transfer and Patient Lift Systems that offer maximum patient comfort and
state of the art single caregiver operation. We offer leasing programs and sales of our state of the art AryLift patient lifts direct from our factory in Shallotte, NC.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our patented AryCare patient lift, patient transfer and support system.
At AryCare "We Really Do Care"  For More Information Call  1-800-342-9018

The AryCare Patient Lift is Medicare approved and your insurance may cover up to 100%
of the cost of your new patient lift.  Call 1800-342-9018 to see if you qualify.
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For more information or to order your AryCare Electric Patient Lift, Call 1-800-342-9018
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